We capture content from your event or meeting live time and/or in studio.  We can also help you with visuals for animated videos. At the end of the session, you have both a hard copy plus, if you wish, electronic copies or images of the content.


Depending on your needs, our live time recording can be large scale murals, visual facilitation, or small scale sketch notes — all of which you can post afterwards or distribute to participants.

Large scale murals

Often in tandem with a traditional facilitator, or with yourself as the meeting convener, we take large scale visual notes or minutes. We distill key messages and recommendations and create a mural or large map of your conversation,  live time, as it unfolds.

Graphic recording works seamlessly with facilitation techniques such as brainstorming, world café, open space, whole scale change, and future search. It is especially effective for capturing the content from:

  • Conferences: keynote, plenary and break out sessions
  • Inter-organizational and cross-jurisdictional meetings
  • One-on-one coaching sessions
  • Staff meetings/retreats
  • Strategic planning
  • Team building sessions
  • Training seminars
  • Workshops

Click this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hWVMCYXKcM to see PICTURE your Thoughts creating a live-time mural at a facilitation event.

Visual facilitation

For small, well-established, highly functioning groups, we can also simultaneously facilitate and record your session using a pre-prepared template to map your conversation. Or, as traditional facilitators who see the power of visual thinking, we get YOU involved in creating a visual. For more information on our traditional facilitation, please visit www.envision-synergy.net.

Small scale sketch notes

Or, if you prefer, we can document your meeting, at our seat, by taking small scale visual notes, called sketch notes. These notes can then be distributed to participants after the meeting, or projected onto a screen for everyone to review.

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In addition to live-time recording, we work in the studio to help you in three ways.

We can produce a customized pre-prepared template for your group to complete during your meeting. Or, we can visually summarize and capture main points from notes of your meeting or from reports. With reports we pictorially summarize key segments, such as executive summaries, or we can suggest ways to visually depict your data and results.

Pre-prepared template(s)

A prepared template will enable you and your group to complete a framework or address a problem, even if we are not in the room during the meeting.

Notes from your meeting

Perhaps you have notes or minutes from a meeting and you’re looking for a compelling way to summarize that material. That’s where we come in, and produce a visual summary after your meeting.

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Capturing people’s attention in our increasingly busy world means communicating more effectively than ever before.Using simple drawings and stick figures animates your message and adds an innately human touch.


We can help you develop a story line, and then suggest associated visuals to bring your message to life. Should you desire, we partner with video-graphers so that you have a short video of your message.


Pages and pages of text can drain even the most dedicated of readers. Enliven your material and enhance understanding with simple pictures and diagrams of key elements, such as your key points and concepts, and executive summaries.


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