2015 IAFNA sketchnotes CY Session-SHesterBefore your session, we offer:

  • Extensive expertise in traditional facilitation to complement your planning
  • Guidance to ensure the visuals are smoothly integrated with your meeting or event processes

At your session, we provide:

  • Real time development of mural(s) or sketch notes that capture(s) the main points of each meeting element (without attribution)
  • Original completed mural(s) or sketch notes for posting in your offices, and for photographing for reports, websites and other uses

In addition, you get:VisualThinking

  • Digital images of the mural(s) or sketch notes.
  • 30 years of well honed listening skills as an organizational development practitioner and collaboration specialist
  • Broad knowledge of environment/sustainability/wellness/culture sectors

And if you want, we can:

  • Design a process to engage participants tapping into their visual thinking strengths
  • Design and facilitate your session, using traditional facilitation tools and techniques. For more information, please see: Facilitation Services