Charlotte Young, Ph.D. leads PICTURE your Thoughts.

Charlotte wWater Summit 2011as a visual thinker before she even knew it!

Besides doodling to make her high school notes more fun, she used simple diagrams to explain concepts as a undergraduate math and science tutor. Those diagrams, coupled with tidy hand-writing, a good sense of spatial arrangement, and her flair for taking organized notes – “if you want the notes, ask Charlotte,” her graduate school colleagues used to say – have all converged in her work as a graphic recorder.

Charlotte helps organizations collaborate.

When she’s not making meetings come alive with visuals, Charlotte uses her more than three decades of experience working with teams, groups and organizations to catalyze collaborative solutions to society’s thorny problems. She especially designs and facilitates sessions that promote healthy ecosystems, where she works in sectors such as sustainability (forestry, water, food), health, social justice, and arts and culture.

Charlotte holds a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. She is a certified mediator, an alumni of the Partnership Brokers Association, and a facilitator for True Colours personality strengths inventory. As a dual Canadian and American citizen she works both sides of the border, as well as occasionally elsewhere. For large projects, Charlotte works with a network of associates.

And what else?

You’ll find her drawn to the outdoors, just plain drawing, or maybe dancing. Then again, you might not find her at all because she’s off adventuring in some exotic place.

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