Tackling today’s complex problems requires tools that go beyond “thinking as usual.” Everyone’s best thinking must be combined with effectively analyzing and recording the thoughts and ideas that move a discussion, group or organization closer to an acceptable solution.

Using an innovative tool called “graphic recording,” PICTURE your Thoughts takes visual notes and creates murals and large maps of people’s conversations – be it meetings, conferences, facilitated sessions, or other problem solving gatherings -- live time as the conversation unfolds, or in-studio to get ready for an event or after an event. The result is a record that lets people “see what they mean.”

Based in Toronto, PICTURE your Thoughts focuses on sectors that promote well being and a high quality of life for a sustainable, healthy, just world.


By putting the problem on the paper, and including all voices, the murals enable you picture the possibilities -- seeing the big picture of your challenge, and finding previously unidentified connections. The result is an easy-to-remember pictorial rendering of problem-solving that simplifies complex ideas, incorporates visual tags and metaphors to connect previously unrelated ideas, and encourages “systems thinking.”

Afterwards, photos of the murals can be included into reports, or uploaded to websites. Originals can be posted in private offices or hung in common work areas, or even turned into banners.


Getting started is easy! We offer a free half-hour, no-obligation telephone consultation to learn about your needs during which time we'll take sketch notes of the conversation so you can experience the tool in action.

From there, you can decide if you'd like to proceed. With a deposit we'll hold the date and get to work.

We interact with you to learn more about the event -- its desired outcomes and format. We work with key people involved, such as a planning group or traditional facilitator. And, we research images so that we're ready to go the day of the event.

The day of the event, we'll set up about an hour before the segment to be graphically recorded. As you wish, we can speak to the mural, ask for involvement from participants, or stay in the background. At the end of the event, we'll photograph the mural and roll it up for you to use later.

We create visual renderings to help you solve problems of:


  • Depict kick-off sessions, transitions, and change initiatives
  • Draw out a vision


  • Map locations or project tasks


  • Flesh out scenarios and plan for the future
  • Portray timelines and/or historical scans


  • Identify connections
  • Map processes (e.g., power relationships, business impact mapping)

Who and how

  • Diagram hierarchy and relationships (in organizations, among businesses)